Sunday, June 13, 2010

Ideas for 9:06

So far, based on proposals from potential contributors, here are some things that will show up in 9:06:

  • Comics (by at least two different people)
  • Paper Dolls (I want to write a short article on the history of fashion in the 1980s and perhaps explore some of the color symbolism in that article)
  • An article on ‘Angels and Ministers of Grace, Defend Us: Gene Hunt the Hero’
  • with a possible corollary on why Gene (somewhat paradoxically, I think) is attractive to women viewers (anyone want this topic? It's up for grabs)
  • An article on Gene's significance to the two series overall
  • An article on police procedurals in the 1980s
  • How does Ashes to Ashes draw on a literary tradition of the depiction of purgatory as compared to works like Dante’s Purgatorio or Milton’s Paradise Lost? (my topic)
  • Could Ashes to Ashes be considered Gothic? Is it male or female? (my topic)
  • People have started looking at the significance and symbolism of water in the show. Anyone want this topic?
  • Some potential interviews which would be awesome if we get the green light.
  • Poetry! Seriously!

Have anything you'd like to write about? We also have people interested in creating art for us. Please let me know-- nineohsix (at)


  1. I'm excited about it ^_^
    Any wish of things being drawn? I already have some predrawn. Please check my dA account gallery -> Life on Mars Ashes 2 Ashes.
    Any special requests?

    (=O why am I called ButterCup?!)

  2. Oh that's you!

    I'd like to use your Galex stuff, also I like your Pencil Neck one! I'll let you know in an e-mail...I've still got the Rory photos to scan and send.