Monday, July 19, 2010

Call for Submissions

As you may have guessed, I am trying to set up an Ashes to Ashes fanzine, which is called 9:06. (If you don’t know why it’s called 9:06, I suggest you watch the end of s3 unless you want to be spoilered.) I hope that, in contrast to the venerable (and fun!) TTZ, 9:06 may be available as one-off in paper format. (I have not yet decided whether it is to be A4 size like TTZ or A5. Comments and opinions welcomed.) I'm looking for contributors for the magazine who'd be interested in doing art, writing for the zine.

I am hoping to have this volume finished and printed for release on September 6th 2010 (geddit?).

I'm looking for all sorts of material including: articles, reviews, opinion pieces, interviews, analysis, artwork, fiction, comics. Since it is from my twisted mind, it will include paper dolls (there is already an Alex doll by me and a Gene doll by someone else!)

Other proposed/already finished things in the mag include literary analysis articles by myself and others, a comic, poetry, and a cool cover.

Since I have learned from experience that people like guidelines, here are some that may help you:

Art submissions
1. .jpg format preferred (gif is okay)
2. Color or black & white
3. Resolution- 300 dpi is preferred

Writing submissions
1. 9:06 is more going to be focused around Ashes to Ashes but if you have a good pitch for Life on Mars or (preferably) something that combines the two, send it in
2. Material can be anything from articles, reviews, opinion pieces, interviews, etc.
3. I’ll get a style guide up eventually, similar to the one for TTZ, but at the moment just use a clear, legible font & save it into a Word (or comparable processing) format
4. People like word counts. At this stage, I’m going to say anything under 3,000 words.
5. As with TTZ, generally most things submitted are accepted though editing for content, style, grammar, etc, will most likely take place. Please edit your piece first yourself, though, to ensure hair is not torn out when it is received.

If you still want to contribute (!) or know someone who might, please get in touch at nineohsix (at)

Hope to hear from you!

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